Welcome to Angels in Leash Kennel

We are a small family owned kennel established in 2010.  We take pride in breeding exclusive English/European bloodlines only.Being a smaller family owned kennel means that is it not just our hobby but we truly have passion and love for our breed and believe that it is important to breed quality not quantity. Our constant aim is to breed Goldens that exemplify sound structure and movement in addition to sound temperament. It is our focus to breed quality goldens in the classic style with longevity that is free of hereditary defects. We place the utmost importance on the true golden temperament, considered to be the hallmark of the breed, correct structure and retaining the ability to work in the field adhering to our personal preference of the true English type.All of our dogs have excellent health clearances (HD, ED, heart , eye , genetic defects cleared) and have proven show qualities as well as excellent results in the show ring. Our dogs are our lives and we spend nearly every weekend at dog shows so as to prove their extraordinary qualities confirmed by renowned judges from all over the world.We respect the original standard of our breed and can trace the lineage of all of our dogs back to many of the most notable and influential forbearers of our beautiful Golden Retriever breed.Providing socialized, self confident dogs is one of the main goals of our breeding program. Our dogs and puppies share our home and are exposed to many stimuli from the moment they enter to the world.We have few litters because we want to spend as much time as we can with our puppies so as to provide perfect development so they are ready for anything when they get to their new families.Besides our beautiful dogs, we fell in love with the Canadian Sphynx cats in 2017. We decided to share our love for this amazing cat with others and now have 3 beautiful girls. It is our hope that in the near future we can breed these unique cats and create the same success with them as we have with our Golden Retrievers not just in the show ring but in real life too.